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What is the cost of a storage unit in London?

For storage in London, of approximately 35 square feet, you can expect to pay £40 to £60 per week, or for a larger unit of 75 square feet, £75 to £85 per week.

This is a guide to typical storage pricing in London.

However, by booking a storage collection service, like Store In London, not only do you receive a free packing and moving service, but you will pay just £30 per week for a 35 square foot unit, or £60 per week for a larger 75 square foot unit.

How do I get the best price on self storage in London?

In order to get the best price on storage in London, we recommend booking a free packing, loading and delivery service.

You can expect highly discounted rates on traditional storage prices in London by booking this full-service option. What’s more, there are no charges for these additional services, so you’ll save time and money by booking a full service option.

Why is it cheaper to book storage collection services?

Many self storage providers will offer incentives or addon services such as 24/7 access to your items, free trollies, coffee & tea, parking, and personal keypads. The reality is that the consumer ends up bearing the cost for these additional services, and most clients don’t require 24/7 access to their items. Sure, if you are someone that requires access on a daily basis, this might make sense for you. However, if you simply want to store your items for a few weeks or longer, and don’t need to visit them every day, it’s makes more sense to book a local storage provider who will store your items for you.

A company that offers free packing, loading, and delivery is more convenient than hauling and loading the items to the locker yourself. This way you also get a professional company storing your items safely and securely. Storing items on your own can often result in incorrect packing, leading to your belongings getting damaged. Not to mention the physical work which can be tiring.

What should be included in my storage unit?

It’s important to distinguish between what you do, and do not need from your storage provider.

Many providers offer a variety of services that are not quite necessary. That said, all storage units in London should be fully enclosed and dry, safe from the elements. The facility should also have adequate security, and offer additional services such as insurance.

What other storage costs can I expect?

With all storage facilities, you can expect to pay a deposit, equal to a half months or full months rent, depending on the provider. Some companies may also offer special locks, insurance, and other services.

Insurance is always recommended, as the unlikely can always occur and for a low monthly cost, you can have peace of mind.

How long can I store my items for?

At Store In London, as long as you like! We are very flexible and open to all customers, no matter how long or short your stay, you can keep your contents with us.

Can I access my items?

We know that sometimes you need to access items (passports for the holiday). At Store In London, just provide us with 48 hours notice and we can help.

Are my items secure?

Yes! Store In London units are manned by a dedicated team and we have a top-of-the-range alarm system along with 24 hour CCTV.

I dont have the time to deliver my belongings, can you collect them?

Yes, we will collect/pack and move them into storage and return your belongings whenever you are ready.

Do you offer different size options?

Yes! From a minimum size of 35 square feet. Even if its 1 box to 25 boxes. Your charged per container or every 35 square feet accordingly. Whilst remaining cheaper than all storage companies.

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